Story So Far

Our story begins with a band of friends brought together again in the city of Cauldron, nestled in the crater of a dormant volcano. They soon become embroiled in events and schemes beyond their understanding.

The friends happy reunion is short-lived when they feel compelled to investigate and find children recently abducted from the Lantern Street Orphanage; just the latest in a string of recent kidnappings. They head into the famed abandoned gnomish city of Jzaridune and thence into the dwarven Malachite Hold to confront and defeat a slaver holding the children. Mysteriosly one of the children, a boy by the name Terrem, is taken from the group by a Beholder on their way back to the city; but then the child is returned to the orphanage unharmed.

After a respite the group is hired by the city to help eradicate goblins overruning the city. After manhandling Orak Stonehaven, the owner of Orak’s Bathhouse, to find an entrance into tunnels under the city, they find and defeat a bugbear vampire and his goblin hordes.

Oh no, rain! They city is about to be flooded by torrential rains right before the awaited annual Flood Festival. The group, on beheast of Jenya Urikas heads to the roadside inn The Lucky Monkey to retrieve the wands of control water from Sarcem on his way back from Sasserine. The inn and occupants have been massacred by a band of baboons, thugs, and a werebaboon. The wands are missing and clues lead the group to an underground hideout in Kopru ruins used by members of the Ebon Triad. The Triad is dispatched and the wands retrieved to save the town from utter ruination from the imminent floods.

An Umberhulk is led loose upon the city and seems to target a local merchant, Maavu. Then the group is hired by an old dwarf looking for the lost son who led an expedition into the Underdark and is currently known to be in a lair of Kuo-tua. The group treks across the mountains, delves into the Underdark and defeat the evil denizens of Bhal-Hamatugn to find that the lost dwarf, Zenith, seems not a prisoner but a leader there and in a trance-like state. Zenith is returned to Cauldron and placed into the care of Lord Vhalantru who says he will return the dwarf to his ailing father.

Taxes have been on the increase in Cauldron and the citenzry is in an uproar. A peaceful demonstration lead by the merchant Maavu turns into pandemonium as a riot breaks out and a magical attack is made against Maavu. Tensions are high as the missing paladin, Alek Tercival has issued a challenge to the captain of the town guard, Terseon Skellerang; which has upped the political ante and precipitated a potential attack against the city of Redgorge by Cauldron using their new half-orc mercenary forces. The group must find Alek before a siege takes place. They follow Alek’s trail into Vaprak’s Voice, in the midst of the Demonskar. They fight the covey of Hags that perhaps deluded Alek and then find themselves in a maze of mirrors, a remmant of a long-lost Spellweaver civilization. They find Alek and lose him in a battle against the Demonskar’s master, Nabthatoron, a Glabrezu.

Based on Alek’s dying words the group “befriends” a mysterious half-fiend sorcerer who shows up unexpectedly and agrees to help him overcome the trials of the Test of the Smoking Eye on the Abyssal plane of Occipitus to become its new ruler. After dealing with the political events happening in Cauldron and Redgorge and squelching the siege and battle about to take place, the party travels to Occipitus. After passing the Tests of Judgment and then the Test of Resolve the group is sorely challenged competitors to the throne of Occipitus and guardians in the great Skull mountain. The group is confronted with the Test of Sacrifice only to have their ally, Kaurophon show his true colors and turn on the group. After dispatching him the group overcomes the Test by Lentis willingly sacrificing himself. He is miraculously healed and forever changed and thus becomes the ruler of Occipitus. Linura, the psion, then attempts the same but is consumed utterly.

After returning to the Prime Material plane the group has a few days of rest in Cauldron before being attacked during their evening supper in the Tipped Tankard by a group of assasins; who are nearly successful. Investigating who hired the assasins has led the group to suspect the powerful church of Wee Jas to have a hand in the matter and are about to contront the clerics of the goddess of Death…...



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