Investigating the Assasins

The adventurers continue to attempt to route out the masterminds behind the assasination attempt upon their lives.

Some clues have led them to the Cathedral of Wee Jas but it’s currently closed for “construction” which is suspicious to the Fool’s Demise. They scout around the cathedral using their magical items imparting the abilities to climb on walls to peer through the arrow-slit windows around the cathedral’s main chamber. They notice 3 heavily armed half-orcs, 2 stone giants, and an armed priest just waiting in the main congregation area.

They visit the Shrine of Pelor to see Kristof Jurgensen who is wild-eyed and frantic, perhaps delusional as he curses the priests of Wee Jas, especially their leader Embril Aloustinai for further construction on their grand cathedral; which he claims is designed to block the light of the sun from ever hitting his humble shrine.

Lentis also sends in an Arcane Eye to do some scouting through whatever open doors there are but turns up few clues.

After deciding to watch any comings and goings happening at the cathedral from a respectable distance across the street, Lentis decides to turn himself into an earth elemental to burrow underneath the cathedral and come up inside to scout areas that were inaccessible to his Eye. He finds a number of sleeping chambers, a storage rooms full of crates, a well apportioned room apparently for someone important within the church (and takes a pouch of platinum coins from the room), as well as a funereal room with the body of Todd Vanderboren lying in state. Lentis takes a couple of expensive jewelry items from the body of Todd and returns to his friends. They each take turns taking watch on the Cathedral; yet nothing stirs.

Tegan takes a portion of his evening to wander to the Tipped Tankard to gather more information and makes a contact there, eventually paying him 600gp for information that members of one of the city’s churches was inquiring about hiring assasins, as well as that it was most probably the church of Wee Jas; further confirming the group’s suspicions the church had a hand to play in the assasination attempt against their lives.

The next day the group formulates a strategy to deal with the group waiting inside the main chamber, Knock the locked door, and open the doors to announce their arrival. The priest, Calmus, seems to have been expecting them and bids them enter. The two groups play some verbal games back and forth before Tegan enters the chamber and finally is attacked by the stone giants with a command from Calmus. Battle ensues and the enemies are defeated and looted.

They attempt further exploration of the church but find all the doors are locked. Continuing on they run headlong into an upper spire chamber infested with waiting monsters; zombie creatures, a Bone Devil, and some kind of Wraith as well as a cleric floating in the air next to a finely crafted silvery metallic wrought cage that seems identical to one the group saw in Vaprak’s Voice in the lair of a Fire Giant.

The priest was at the ready and let loose a Flame Strike at the party and they fled…... Battle to be continue….



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